Kestral giving you the complete picture


The Kestral Mo Bros Let It Grow for Movember

In 2003, in Melbourne, the Movember Foundation began urging men to grow facial hair for sponsorship to support men's health charities for prostate cancer and depression. In every November since then, participants have begun the month with a clean shaven face and let their facial hair grow out until the last day. From the first Movember in Melbourne, the 'mo-vement' has spread its hairy message of good health across the globe to the UK, North America, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan and more.

So far, the Movember charity has raised over $170Million world-wide with over a million registered participants. This year, a number of staff in both the Perth and Melbourne offices decided to get on board the beard train and help this worthy cause.

Raising a combined total of $1700, the 'Mo Bros' on both sides of the country took great pride in their soup straining abilities and kept a photographic record of their progress.

Kestral Movember Crew

Freddy Mercury, Errol Flynn, an Old West Bandito and several 1970s film stars among the group.

Congratulations to the Kestral Mo Bros, on sacrificing their itch-free faces and clean cut reputations to raise money for a cause. Kestral now believes the guys can raise more money if they agree to shave.