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At Kestral, experienced consultants with an in-depth knowledge of the Healthcare industry are always on hand to help you find the right Karisma solution for your organisation.

When you have read a little about our products and would like to know more, use the Request a Demonstration form below to get in touch with Kestral. Upon receiving your request, a consultant will contact you via your preferred method and either arrange a meeting or interview you by telephone to establish the Healthcare communication needs specific to your organisation.

When the requirements of your organisation have been communicated, our dedicated technical and consultative staff will ascertain the ideal Karisma package and arrange a demonstration of the anticipated solution at your premises, presenting you with a completed proposal. Any input and feedback you have on the proposal at this point will be drawn on to make any necessary changes to the solution.

When the proposal has met with your approval, implementation will begin on a schedule created in conjunction with Kestral and agreed upon by your organisation and its key technology staff.

At Kestral, our aim is to provide the very best possible solution for the specific needs of each of our customers. We will always work with you and take your ideas and requests into account when projecting your individualised solution. Contact Kestral at today to find out how Karisma can help you.

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