Kestral giving you the complete picture


Kestral's flagship product, Karisma, is an easy to use, world-class Radiology Information System (RIS) making best use of the industry-standard architecture of Microsoft® SQL Server®. Complete with essential features as standard, Karisma provides large and small facilities with everything they need to maximise efficiency and minimise cost.


  • With Kestral's proven track record of tight and efficient integration with the industry's leading PACS products, you can relax and choose the best RIS/PACS experience for your team.
  • Dictation and transcription are tightly integrated to maximise productivity and turnaround time for your reporting team.
  • A workflow screen designed for the specific needs of Radiologists means full patient history and scanned request forms are always at your fingertips.
  • Templates and structured reports give you control over data entry and faster report turnaround to improve efficiency and streamline your practice's workflow.
  • Karisma turns your clinical services into item numbers with a single click - eliminating the need to learn complicated rebate schedules.
  • Configure SMS booking reminders to be sent to patient mobiles by creating a template message and selecting the messages to be sent during reminder runs.
  • The ability to scan paper-based request forms and store them digitally is just one of the many ways Karisma helps promote best practice workflow throughout your organisation.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs are among the many benefits of Karisma's centralised electronic booking features.
  • Integration with Medicare Australia Online offers convenience for your patients and access to your bulk-billed funds faster than ever before.
  • Karisma is accessible to you anywhere in the world over the Internet, making your out-of-hours and emergency reporting simple and convenient.

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