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Important Changes to the National Privacy Principles

October 2013

The use and retention of personal and sensitive information is currently governed by the National Privacy Principles. From March 2014, the existing legislation will be replaced by the new Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which address specific situations more clearly. The APP is a stronger set of guidelines that carry more substantial penalties for breaches.

A copy of the new Australian Privacy Principles legislation can be downloaded from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website.

Most relevant to Kestral’s customers is the legislation relating to “Cross border disclosure of personal information”. These changes relate to the use of offshore entities. Where a business collects private information and uses services offshore, such as the typing of patient reports, strict new guidelines apply. Penalties for breaching the new regulations range from AU$340K for a single entity and up to AU$1.7M for corporate entities.

In the natural process of developing, testing and supporting our products, Kestral also deals with private information on a daily basis. Our internal privacy policy outlines the procedures which must be followed by all staff in possession of sensitive data. Care must be taken in all circumstances to ensure privacy is not compromised. The Kestral Privacy Policy can be viewed on our Privacy page.

Kestral recommends that customers discuss any current or future use of offshore services with their Karisma system with the relevant administrative staff at their facility, as well as seek legal advice from their medical indemnity insurer.

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