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Kestral Welcomes Albury Base Hospital, XRS

November 2007

Startup radiology practice and newest provider of radiology services for Albury Base Hospital, XRS is the latest facility to employ Kestral's flagship RIS Karisma. Practice owner Dr. James Mullins has brought an MRI machine, a state-of-the-art 64 slice CT scanner, 3D ultrasound equipment and more to the new facility. The solution implemented for Dr Mullins includes an integrated Karisma-Synapse (Fujifilm) system with Commissure voice recognition.

Prior to December 1, all radiological services were performed by another provider - leaving Kestral implementation staff, Sam, Jan and Irene, with no access to the site, staff, hardware or infrastructure during the implementation process. To overcome this challenge, our quick-thinking staff decided to configure Karisma in-house; using the information they were able to gather from XRS staff and their own vast experience. When time became critical during data entry and testing, our installation team were ably supported by the entire Kestral Support team - a big thanks to Steve and the team for their help!

December 1 was the day XRS officially started providing services for Albury Base Hospital, as well as the first day our implementation team were able to step on site. That meant the team had to deliver training, complete on-site configuration and support go-live all on the same day. Arriving on-site with just minutes to spare before they were to deliver end-user training, Jan, Irene and Sam managed to set up a fully-functional training network consisting of 5 laptops and a temporary server and begin training delivery on time.

While the training was delivered, the configuration of Karisma was finalised and some minor integration issues were ironed out. Karisma went live and immediately accommodated 55 patients over the weekend. The third live day, a Monday, saw approximately 90 patients processed through the Karisma installation - perfectly demonstrating the program's versatility and robustness.

Jan and Irene stayed on at the site to be on-hand for support until the Thursday after the live date. This allowed them to identify any minor integration issues and report them to technicians for resolution.

Kestral is proud to assist XRS in their delivery of specialist radiology services to the Albury region. Thanks go to the staff and management at XRS and Albury Base Hospital - as well as to Sam, Irene and Jan for their excellent work under challenging circumstances.

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