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Order Entry at CIG/SER

October 2014

Operating clinics across Canberra, Goulburn and coastal New South Wales, Canberra Imaging Group (CIG) and South East Radiology (SER) utilise the most advanced technologies for delivering medical imaging services to their patients and referrers.

CIG and SER have recently been awarded the contract to provide reporting services to Southern New South Wales hospitals. Previously, images had been transferred manually to the sites and hand entered into the RIS and PACS. The new contract required the receiving of images, clinical reporting and returning of corresponding reports to be fully automated.

To meet these strict requirements, the Order Entry capabilities of Karisma were utilised. The Order Entry module is used to receive electronic orders from third party applications in the form of HL7 messages. For CIG and SER, this included managing a variety of processes ranging from placing orders and updating patient messages to updating tables for DICOM images sent to the PACS and receiving request forms.

The various Karisma and scripting requirements for the project were skilfully handled by Sarah from Kestral. The live project involved two installations of Karisma, with two order entry interfaces each (one for the auto-registration of requests for reporting and the other for ordering services to be completed by CIG or SER); three installations of HL7Connect; translation studios; various VB scripts and multiple routing rules.

Immeasurable thanks for this project must go to Sarah for being the architect of the entire, intricate solution. Kestral Support Manager, Jan Sebire has said of Sarah’s solution,

“Sarah was an absolute whiz… I sat in on the conference calls and it boggled my mind… she handled all of the scripting and nutted out all of the scenarios”.

Thanks also to Kestral developers Gavin and Ivan for their Order Entry knowledge and the additional programming which enabled Karisma to receive request form images. A special thank you to Anthony (CIG) and Josh (SER) for their co-ordination, testing and willingness to assist with this massive project. Kestral is pleased to have provided CIG and SER with the right tools to effortlessly carry out their reporting services.

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