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New Developments in HL7Connect

November 2009

Users have recently benefitted from a number of additions and enhancements to HL7Connect; Kestral’s full-featured HL7 messaging interface. HL7Connect enables communication between HL7-compliant applications; removing the need for applications to interface directly. Advanced features of HL7Connect include message manipulation, allowing the lookup and insertion of information directly into databases and the selective, content-based routing of messages to outgoing systems.

Aside from improvements to the web interface for HL7Connect, support has been added for more browsers including IE8, Chrome, Safari and Safari for iPhone. Added web client features enable HL7Connect interfaces to be started and stopped from compliant smart phones. In addition, direct script execution means you can now manually run a script via the web interface.

Message archive functionality has been added to allow you to archive the HL7 messages for your system rather than delete them. In this way, if you need to keep your HL7 messages, you can do so without slowing down the normal operation of HL7Connect – as the archived messages are not stored in the main message table. Messages can also be annotated, enabling them to be browsed by annotation easily at a later date. These annotations can also be used to determine the way in which HL7Connect handles a message depending on its annotation values. For added privacy, the sending of HL7 messages in a notification can now be turned off.

User interface improvements optimised for the end user in HL7Connect have seen additional display and interface features. A new configuration icon now indicates that a script is attached to an interface, while a routing icon is displayed in a different colour if an interface has a route. A summary page is now available where the details of all interfaces can be viewed at a glance. Scripted message tracking means you can see the actual message sent when a script changes an outgoing message, instead of just the original unmodified message as before.

For interfaces, notes can be added and will appear against the interface on the status page. Interfaces can now be placed into user-defined groups on the status page to allow a more organised, easy to manage list. This feature is beneficial for larger sites with numerous interfaces on their status page. On the technical side of things, x64 OS support has been improved along with database support for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and MySQL for example. The internal database option has been removed from HL7Connect.

These and other new or enhanced features of HL7Connect are helping develop the program into one of the most advanced HL7 solutions available for the AU/NZ market today. More information on HL7Connect is available on the official website for the product at

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