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Kestral Knowledge Base Now Online

April 2010

The Kestral Knowledge Base (KBS) has now been released to the public. You can access the knowledge base by clicking this link.

KBS is a central repository for information related to the company's products and processes. At present, the available content is for Karisma only; but as articles on other products are created, they will also be incorporated. PLS and RMS documentation is still available directly from the website.

The main purpose of the knowledge base is to allow Kestral to distribute and share important and useful information in a consistent and user-friendly format to both employees and clients.

The KBS is currently a work in progress and more content will be added as it is created. We encourage suggestions for content and welcome contributions of articles that you think may benefit the Kestral user community at large.

You can do this by calling Kestral or via the Contact Us form on the KBS itself. In much the same way, you can comment on content that is already posted using the Comments section for each article.

Some of the articles already available include;

Please visit the KBS whenever you have a question. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us and let us know.

We anticipate that the Kestral Knowledge Base will expand rapidly to become a font of wisdom on all Kestral products - for Kestral customers and staff alike. In this way, Kestral hopes to create an indispensible and comprehensive resource of the KBS in the very near future.

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