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Karisma v2.0.9 Coming Soon

March 2010

A major release for Karisma will soon be available. Karisma v2.0.9 will include a number of new and enhanced features, providing users with an improved experience and organisations with more efficient workflow and additional technical capabilities.

New innovations have been employed in the Dictation and Reporting modules to provide reporting Radiologists with the most workflow efficient tools yet. Along with an enhanced user interface, the screen now includes a configurable layout and at-a-glance viewing of WAV files.

Overall, the next release of Karisma will provide users with the benefit of a faster and more efficient workflow within several modules, as well as the ability to improve the validity of practitioner and other data.

Existing customers will receive first priority for the new release and your Kestral Account Manager will contact you when the new version is available to organise a free upgrade at your convenience. When Karisma v2.0.9 is released, you will find information announced here on our website.

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