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Karisma Version 4 is Coming Soon

August 2013

The next major version of Karisma will provide an efficiency-charged user interface that’s a blessing for touch screens and just as spectacular for a traditional mouse and keyboard setup.

It is hard not to notice the rapid take up of touch screen technology and the ways in which it is revolutionising how people interact with IT tools. From tablet devices to retail kiosks and beyond, touch screens are making life easier for users in all manner of industries – including medical information. Karisma v4 harnesses this inspiring technology to provide users with the most intuitive UI we’ve ever developed. Touch screen UI simplifies the way Karisma is used through clear and simple menus. Below is a sneak peek at the new Karisma v4 Reception screen.

Karisma v4 Reception Screen 

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As you can see, there are a number of large, easy to use buttons which will perform all of the usual functions of the Reception screen. The UI functions a lot like a web browser, simply and efficiently with standard Back, Forward, Home and Search buttons. The Search function itself works like a “spotlight” which will find whatever you enter in the field throughout all of Karisma.

The Menu button displays a page full of links to all the various modules available to the user. From each link, a module can be opened or pinned to the Navigation Panel as a Favourite. A pinned link will always display in the Navigation Panel for the user who pinned it. The Tab Panel along the bottom of the new Karisma window displays links to the open tabs. Open tabs are the modules and windows active in Karisma. Each open tab is numbered and the active tab is highlighted.

Kestral is developing version 4 of Karisma to take full advantage of touch for the future. As more applications of touch technology become common place, the future direction of Radiology IT is assured. The growing number of exams and the increasing pressure to report quickly and accurately means time saving technology is a blessing for busy facilities.

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