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Kestral Welcomes Lime Radiology

November 2010

Lime Radiology, located in Margate north of Brisbane, is an independent provider of Radiology and Nuclear medicine services to the Redcliffe and greater northern region of the Queensland capital. Lime is owned and operated by Dr Eugene Lim, from whom (Lim, E) the practice takes its name.

Dr Lim and the staff at Lime provide almost all types of Diagnostic Imaging services including Digital Radiography, Breast Imaging and Mammography, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Bone Mineral Densitometry. Proud of their customer service and utilising the very latest in imaging technology, Lime ensures each patient a fast, accurate and safe examination in a friendly, caring environment.

The Margate facility was a construction site while implementation was underway, which presented a few unique challenges. Happily, all of these challenges were met - with key user training delivered at Dr Lim’s house in Brisbane using the doctor's TV in place of a projector and Mrs Lim providing catering for morning tea. The servers were also stored at Dr Lim's house until construction at the main site was completed.

While construction at the Margate facility continued, one of the remote sites at Stanthorpe, Granite Belt Diagnostic Imaging (GBDI), went live with Karisma and a Voyager PACS. A CT room, X-Ray room, Ultrasound room, a Radiographer, a Sonographer and two Reception staff were all configured on the system and operational in just seven working days. Day 1 of the install saw nine patients booked on the system and another nine people popping in to see what all the fuss was about. The reports from this remote site had been reported and authorised by Dr Lim working from home some 200 kilometres away.

A few weeks later Lime Radiology went live as well. The staff were confident they could use the system without support from Kestral after using Karisma for just few days - demonstrating how easy Karisma is to install, setup and use.

Kestral would like to thank the staff and management at Lime Radiology, as well as Mrs Lim for her delicious morning teas! We look forward to providing support to Lime now and into the future as the new practice grows.

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