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Peninsula Health Care Network Upgrade

May 2010

Founded as a Bush Nursing Hospital in the 1930's and established as a network of facilities in 1995, the Peninsula Health Care Network now comprises two acute hospitals; four Aged Care, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care and Residential services; two mental health facilities and four community health services - all in various locations throughout Frankston, Rosebud, Seaford and Mornington, Victoria.

Peninsula Health is a recognised leader in the promotion and provision of high quality, innovative, coordinated and personalised health services. Kestral is pleased to announce that the Frankston Hospital site has gone live with Karisma. This represents another successful upgrade from Kestral's competent legacy product RMS to the comprehensive capabilities and workflow efficiency of Karisma.

Kestral Support Consultant Asim Jaleel reports that 'Live Day' went off without any major complications beyond the usual tweaking of customised configuration - ensuring the site remained completely functional and all staff were happy.

This relatively trouble-free installation is a credit to the assistance of staff and management at Peninsula Health who helped ensure their busy facility operated throughout the day without interruption. In the wings, Kestral support consultants worked on data migration, advising the project, conducting user training and performing various other tasks.

The new installation and its enhanced functionality have been enthusiastically received by the staff at Frankston Hospital. As familiarity and confidence in using Karisma grew, staff embraced the new system whole-heartedly.

Richard Chia, the Deputy Manager, has stated, “I really like this system! It is so flexible”. The project was such a success that Mr Chia volunteered to have other Kestral clients who may be thinking of upgrading to Karisma to come through his department to see Karisma in action - an endorsement by which we are honoured.

Kestral would like to congratulate the project team on a job well done. Most importantly, thanks must go to Richard Chia and all the staff of Peninsula Health Medical Imaging and IT for their cooperation and invaluable assistance in managing the transition between solutions. We are pleased to be providing Peninsula with enhanced tools to assist them in the excellent services they provide.

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