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Kestral 2010 - The Year in Review

December 2010

This has been another landmark year for Kestral, with the installation of a number of new clients. in keeping with service quality commitments, Kestral has added to its programming and customer service resources.

During the year, Kestral has provided a multi-site Karisma RIS solution to one of the largest remaining non-corporate radiology groups in Australia, on the Gold Coast. The Melbourne office has seen continued growth in upgrading systems at Eastern Health, Peninsula Health, Bendigo Health and St Vincent’s Hospital.

The Tasmanian Government recently announced that its public hospitals will be investing in new RIS and PACS technologies that will have the benefit of enhancing clinical outcomes for patients. It is expected that, by the end of June 2011, Karisma will be operating across all major public hospitals in Tasmania.

Our flagship RIS, Karisma, has undergone one major software upgrade in the last year which added invaluable new features; including the ability to add multiple practitioner assignments, set contact preferences and more. Kestral has made a major investment in providing clients with a new, intuitive, integrated dictation module that offers digital and voice recognition options.

At Kestral, we are looking forward to 2011 and to further growth and commitment to excellence in customer support and new software innovations. On behalf of all staff, we would like to wish our clients and their families a safe and enjoyable holiday period and a prosperous, rewarding new year.

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