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Kestral welcomes South East Radiology, New South Wales

May 2008

The latest Karisma client to go live with version 2 is South East Radiology (SER); an independently owned practice with 13 locations throughout the South East Coast of NSW.

For more than 20 years, rural communities on the southern coast of NSW have been provided with comprehensive imaging services via the outstanding experience and resources of South East Radiology.

The go-live process for SER was unique, in that not a single member of Kestral support staff was required on-site. Whilst a number of previous installations have had sites go live without a physical Kestral presence, this is usually achieved in the late stages of large projects where key users are more familiar with the system. The fact that the process was completed for SER remotely is a credit to the site’s key users and their outstanding efforts in learning the system and training their staff.

With the latest version of Karisma implemented successfully, SER will be able to achieve desktop integration with the Philips iSite PACS, as well as improved workflow, centralised typing and distribution of reports. Further, the consolidation of 3 databases into 1 means a wealth of enhanced reporting power is now at their fingertips.

Kestral would like to thank the staff of South East Radiology for their tremendous efforts in assisting with the upgrade process – and in particular to key users Kelly and Amanda. We are pleased to be a small part of such a remarkable organisation.

For more information on the benefits and features of Karisma, see the Karisma Features page.

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