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St Vincent's Hospital Sydney Expands to Nuclear Medicine

February 2010

World-renowned Kestral client, St Vincent's Hospital Sydney (SVHS) recently extended their existing Karisma installation to two additional work sites - the Nuclear Medicine Department in the public hospital and a work site in St Vincent’s Clinic.

SVHS offers internationally celebrated services and expertise, best-in-class facilities and educational opportunities. Regarded as an innovator in clinical care, research, teaching and medical leadership, SVHS was founded on the principles of compassion, care and respect for all people - more than 150 years ago.

Extending the Karisma installation is a major change for the department, as it consolidates the number of applications required to deliver a service to their patients. Initial configuration was undertaken by both SVHS' Chief Nuclear Medicine Scientist and Physicist. Their experience with the system was obvious and all aspects of the necessary configuration were attended to meticulously.

Karisma's latest scheduling features held up extremely well with the complex and high-end requirements of the busy facilities. Every service entered in the system had multiple steps, sometimes spanning up to a week. A visit for a patient usually includes an interview with the physician, receiving their initial radioisotope injection and then returning in the afternoon for a scan. In addition, many individual requirements had to be met and Nuclear Medicine Scientists able to make bookings themselves - flexing the muscles of Karisma's security roles capabilities.

Adding to the range of Karisma features from which St Vincent’s now benefits, the departments are changing to Karisma for all of their billing, including the bulk billing for the majority of their outpatients. Over the three days after Karisma went live, the departments saw approximately 70 patients - with the numbers slowly increasing each day.

Kestral Support Consultants were on hand throughout the go live process to provide end user and system implementers training, as well as install and assist with the configuration of Karisma. Staff at SVHS proved helpful and capable when it came to customising various aspects of Karisma to best suit the way in which the organisation operates.

Kestral would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management and staff of St Vincent's Hospital Sydney for their assistance in the Karisma configuration process, as well as for the exceptional service they continue to provide to the greater community.

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