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Kestral Welcomes Sterling Radiology, Western Australia

January 2008

Sterling Radiology is the latest site to implement a Karisma clinical management solution. Scheduled to go live in late March, the Sterling installation utilises a number of standard features to provide a complete solution not provided by the site’s previous software.

Located in Balcatta, Western Australia, Sterling Radiology consists of 7 rooms offering x-ray, ultrasound, computerised tomography, mammography, fluoroscopy, fine needle aspiration and orthopantomography services with 4 Radiographers, 4 clerical staff and 1.5FTE consultant Radiologists.

In devising a solution for Sterling, senior clerical and radiology staff attended a demonstration of Karisma’s outstanding capabilities conducted at Kestral’s Perth office by Andrew Waddingham and Kevin Moynihan.

A number of key features of the proposed system were identified by Sterling Radiology as being of particular benefit to their business. These Karisma features provide seamless integration with the Sterling Radiology PACS through the background transmission of HL7 messages on request registration and exam status changes, allow the launch of images from Karisma for viewing in the integrated PACS client and enable broadcasting of reports in HL7 standard plain and formatted text.

All functionality of the Sterling solution is carried out with standard Karisma features not offered by the site’s previous solution. What is more, additional workstations and campuses may be added to the system at any time as necessary – providing assurance of a flexible and future-proof solution as the site grows.

Kestral is pleased to assist Sterling Radiology in the efficient operation of their exceptional practice. We look forward to maintaining and enhancing their Karisma solution as their business expands and new features are implemented.

For more information on the benefits and features of Karisma, see the Karisma Features page.

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