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Kestral Welcomes Booragoon Radiology

February 2012

Located in the heart of Booragoon, near the popular Garden City shopping complex, Booragoon Radiology (BR) is a small boutique practice specialising in allied health imaging. They recently installed a Cone Beam Computerized Axial Tomography (CT) unit which is one of the most advanced on the market, providing high definition dental images with reduced radiation.

The Kestral project team, headed by Andrew Waddingham prepared a dataset to replicate the BR specific configuration from their previous system and this ensured a smooth migration of records without any data loss. Due to the existing high level of knowledge about Karisma at the site, Booragoon Radiology was a unique implementation. Andrew explains,

“Having a key user who was able to perform a significant amount of the customisation without instructions made the implementation very smooth. Kestral was not required to perform any end user training. I am sure BR are looking forward to having a system they can manage and configure even more tightly to suit their workflow requirements.”

Mr Konowalous was satisfied that Kestral was able to meet a major data migration challenge and complete it on time and with 100% accuracy. He has remarked,

“I've achieved my goal of having a high speed, accurate and flexible technology platform that allows me to resource my business in an efficient distributed way.”

Kestral would like to express its gratitude to Mr Konowalous for his invaluable assistance and for choosing Karisma to provide BR with fast, efficient and user-friendly results reporting. We look forward to a long and successful association with Mr Konowalous and his already expanding organisation.

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