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The Kestral Development Philosophy

October 2012

Kestral has always made it our mission to train and retain the best IT professionals to develop our systems. Our software development team is powered by a talented and cohesive group of professionals with a wealth of experience. Our current team have been developing our major product offerings together for as long as a decade.

Over this time, our developers have had in place a philosophy on how best to create useful and enduring software. This philosophy is simple; any stable structure needs a rock solid foundation. In software terms, what this means is a good application can only be built on top of a thorough library of code.

Think of the front end graphical interface of a software program as a house and the underlying code – the bits that make the program work – as the foundations. What happens when there is too much house and not enough foundation? The house, of course, falls over. When you build a strong foundation first, building the house becomes a much easier task and things are unlikely to fall over at a later stage.

What this means to our development team, when beginning a new product, is they initially spend most of their time on the library – the foundation. As the library takes shape, they can take some of the focus off the library and give it to the program. As development continues and the library approaches completion, more time can be dedicated to perfecting the user experience.

Because the Karisma code library is so comprehensive (consisting in fact of 3.5 million lines of code), the strength underlying the application helps improve overall usability.

This process is illustrated in Figure 1 below:

Library v Application Development

Figure 1

This core development philosophy has proven invaluable to the ongoing advancement of Karisma, our flagship Radiology Information System. For example, having the library in place means powerful new features such as Inventory tracking can be assigned mostly Application development – making for the best user interface with no risk of instability.

As we continue to enhance and evolve Karisma, our fundamental belief in keeping the foundations strong will always remain. Our users can be assured that the best new features will be underpinned by a stable and proven foundation.

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