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2013 National Histology Conference

May 2013

Histology is the study of the microscopic structure of tissues from both plants and animals. Commonly, histology involves sectioning, staining and examination of cells and tissues under a microscope. Histology is an essential discipline in Histopathology, the study of diseased tissue.

Recently, the Histology Group of Victoria (HGV) hosted the National Histology Conference was at the Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne. The stated aim of the HGV is to provide “a dynamic continuing education program in which all persons with an interest in Histology and Histotechnology are freely invited to participate".

Pathology specialists Stephen, Angus and Kerrie of Kestral and LRS were in attendance at the conference where they showcased an Anatomic Pathology Module designed by recently acquired LRS Health. Across the weekend of the conference, they performed a number of demonstrations relating the benefits of the program to the mostly senior laboratory staff in attendance.

The general impression provided by those attending the demonstration was of a clean and simple program with all the right features and capabilities. Many attendees and existing clients were eager to see what the Anatomic Pathology Module had to offer. Questions were also answered on the Kestral/ LRS Health merger and the product offerings this would provide in the future.

If you’d like more information on the Anatomic Pathology Module, visit LRS Health online.

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