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Kestral 2011 - The Year in Review

December 2011

For Kestral, our staff and our products, 2011 has been a very exciting time. With new clients migrated successfully to Karisma and others to PLS, Kestral has also expanded our internal support and development resources.

Throughout the past year, the Development team have maintained their excellent track record of improving our core product offerings to keep step with the changing needs of the market. in the latest edition of eNews, we take a closer look at the features and functionality that have been added to our products. You can read all about it in Development in 2011, here.

The most recent inclusion of customers in Singapore has provided the essential momentum for Kestral to grow our presence in Asia. Part of this growth has been the forging of vital technical and project management relationships with international organisations such as Philips Healthcare.

in 2012, Kestral will continue to develop leading-edge healthcare solutions for medical imaging and pathology organisations in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, the company will expand its social media presence to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to give our customers and ourselves another way to communicate, share our progress on major projects, inform users with videos and more.

On behalf of all of us here at Kestral, we would like to wish our clients, colleagues and partners and their families the very best for an enjoyable festive season and a successful new year.

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