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5 Benefits of Tracking Inventory

July 2012

Among the most useful features added to Karisma v3 was inventory tracking. The new functionality provides an easy way to keep track of your stock levels for everything you use - from contrast to catheters, film to syringes and everything else.

The benefits of knowing what stock you have on hand, how much you paid for it and what it's all worth might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many facilities don't track their stock electronically, or sometimes at all.

To demonstrate the importance of inventory tracking, we've put together a document on just five of the benefits of easy and efficient stock control. You can download a .PDF version from the following link:

5 Benefits of Tracking Inventory

Karisma's new inventory features can help you track levels across multiple sites, prevent spoilage and make your purchasing habits much more efficient. For more information on these new features, talk to your Kestral Account Manager today.

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