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Kestral Welcomes Wesley Breast Clinic

March 2011

Brisbane’s Wesley Breast Clinic (WBC) is a private facility promoting the early diagnosis of breast cancer in asymptomatic women and providing a range of services from screening and diagnosis to counselling and education. The highly experienced team at WBC endeavour to perform all investigations and provide results on the same day.

Recently, WBC joined the growing list of private facilities to implement a Karisma solution. For our Support team, the configuration for this project was slightly different to the standard Karisma setup. This was all to do with the unique workflow of WBC which allows for their excellent same-day service.

The Wesley Breast Clinic runs a private Breast Screening Service for asymptomatic women, Diagnostic Services for symptomatic women as well as a pre-operative localisation service for breast surgeons operating at the Wesley Hospital.

Screening patients have their mammogram double read using both Radiologist and non-Radiologist readers (experienced Breast Clinic Medical Officers trained in mammographic interpretation). Breast Care Nurses perform clinical examination on all screening patients and give the results of the examination at that time. Any abnormalities detected are further assessed on the day of their visit, where possible.

Symptomatic patients are assessed in the Diagnostic service – this service involves a consultation with a Breast Clinic Medical Officer and may also include mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI and tissue sampling (fine needle biopsy, core and vacuum assisted biopsy). The Breast Clinic Medical Officers explain the findings to patients as well as perform any tissue sampling required. The referring Doctor receives:

1. Copy of the Radiologist’s report

2. A letter from the Medical Officer outlining the management plans and any pathology results.

All of this required a number of custom work lists and request conditions configured in Karisma to ensure that cases moved through each of these steps from area to area. Thanks to a number of Kestral Developers and Support staff, a workflow suitable to WBC’s unique needs was configured.

A truly joint effort between Kestral and WBC staff, means the clinic will soon be rolling out their PACS solution and, in the next few months, utilising Karisma’ new double blind reading functionality.

On behalf of the Support team, Kestral would like to thank the staff and management of Wesley Breast Clinic for their invaluable contribution to the installation of their Karisma solution. We are pleased to play a small part in the day-to-day operation of their remarkable clinic.

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