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The Pathology Laboratory System (PLS) from Kestral provides a total information management solution across the many disciplines of Pathology. PLS intelligently automates the accurate and complete transfer of information requests between both PLS and the hospital Patient Master Index (PMI).

PLS offers multiple report writing tools that can be used to extract statistical and other information which can be imported to other software. Kestral provides analyser interfaces to numerous laboratory instruments from vendors such as Beckman, Abbott, Roche, and many others.


  • Mechanisms available to facilitate the entry of correct data and prevent the entry of invalid data.
  • Validity checks on Medicare numbers and VA numbers.
  • The ability to set fields to 'mandatory' and clearly define the mandatory fields on the data entry screen - preventing the user from bypassing the field until an appropriate value is added.
  • Store and display patient data such as the patient's name; including title, date of birth/age, patient residential address and suburb, home telephone, patient sex, Medicare number, private health insurer number, MRN and patient death status from external systems (e.g. Hospital PMI).
  • Update patient demographics from the PMI.
  • Identify a patient by scanning a barcode.
  • Use a number of methods to search for patients; such as MRN, patient name, Medicare number (user defined - client makes the choice of whether they want to use this as a search criteria subject to their interpretation of the privacy laws), date of birth, patient age, sex and referring doctor. For example, search for all males with an approximate age of 32.
  • Patient identifiers can be both numeric and alphanumeric and the system can support multiple identifiers for the same patient.
  • Identify and merge duplicate patients.
  • Store patient condition information such as mobility status, infectious status, oxygen requirements, presence of drains and intravenous (IV) tubes.
  • Store all alert and allergy information and flag the user when allergies or alerts exist for a particular patient.
  • Upload history and result data from existing LIS applications and display as for native history and results.
  • Protect patients who wish to remain anonymous or where there is a legal requirement that the patient not be identified.
  • Display a list of users who have previously accessed a patient's record.
  • Mark a patient as a bad debtor.
  • Lookup patient results and invoices and identify patients for follow up.
  • Medicare Online integration for Medicare and DVA billing
  • Integrated 4GL Programming language for complex report calculations and data checking.
  • Integrated HL7 scripting language to tailor HL7 messaging to client specific needs.
  • ISM (Isolate & Sensitivities Module) of Microbiology testing.

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