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24/7/365 Support
Kestral offers 24/7/365 Support

Contract Coverage

Skilled support staff are at your disposal for help with any suspected software issue during normal business hours. We also provide an extensive, year round, 7 days a week, after-hours service for urgent issues adversely affecting your site's ability to work in mission critical areas of the business.

Kestral offers standard enhancements and releases of the software to comply with statutory changes, Medicare updates and full version upgrades as and when they are available - all at no extra cost.

24-7/365 Support

To give all clients access to support for critical issues, such as system outage or critical errors, at any time of the day or night, Kestral provides a dedicated telephone service on 1300KESTRAL.

Outside of normal business hours, calls made to any office around Australia and New Zealand are diverted to whichever office is still open. Calls to Melbourne, for example, are diverted to Perth from 5:00pm AEST. When the last office closes, all calls are diverted to our on-call support.

Support for non-critical issues after-hours can be arranged in some circumstances. Kestral management will assign additional resources to your request and support will be charged at a higher rate than standard support and maintenance work.


  • 24-7/365 Critical Support
  • All Medicare Upgrades
  • New Version Software Upgrades
  • Statutory Software Upgrades
  • New and Enhanced Features
  • Help Documentation
  • Three-Tiered Support
  • Fixed Support Cost

Fixed Support Cost

On top of often charging tens of thousands of dollars for software upgrades, some vendors charge for support on a per-service basis. What that means to your business, is the harder you work, the more you pay. That doesn't seem fair; to be penalised for being successful.

To give our clients what we believe is fair and equitable treatment, Kestral charges a flat monthly fee (linked to CPI), no matter how much work you do and how many patients you see. This way, you are guaranteed a known, fixed cost without the fear of unexpected increases.

Software Upgrades

Included with your support agreement, you will receive all software upgrades, including full version upgrades as required, at no extra cost. This also applies to all Medicare updates and statutory-required software changes.

Enhancements to our products are always being made based on the needs and feedback of our valued clients - offered free of charge to you and delivered with version upgrades.

With Kestral, if your request fits the direction of the product and has mass appeal, there's no need to pay exorbitant amounts for changes and additions to the software.

Getting In Touch

Whenever you need to contact Kestral, whether you have an emergency or just a suggestion, there is a way to get in touch. During office hours, you can call your local Kestral office and be connected there or to the interstate office that is open, should you call after hours. Anytime at all, you can email your account manager directly; or in their absence, the whole Support team on

If it's afterhours and you need to report a critical issue, call 1300KESTRAL. Any urgent issue preventing an organisation from operating in areas imperative to their functioning will be handled immediately.

Priority Support

Service requests are assigned a priority according to the urgency of the issue and the way in which normal operation of the client's organisation is affected. Critical issues such as server crashes, inaccessible systems or an unavailable major module are given the highest priority both during and after office hours.

Important tasks such as required new functionality or impacted workflow make up the bulk of the work that we do each day. Fixes for these issues are delivered in the form of simple software patches. The client will be consulted as to the appropriate time to perform the patch.

Customer Service

Your organisation is assigned a Kestral team member as their Kestral Account Manager providing day-to-day support and advice as required. Account Managers are the principle communication point between your Key User and Kestral. They look to understand your priorities, schedule site visits, discuss training and software enhancements, resolve support tasks and refer you to a technical support person or management where appropriate.

Account managers aim to develop a relationship with their customers and an understanding of their needs and business imperatives to help them with strategic system enhancements.