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Whether you are looking to upgrade your RIS or change RIS providers, embarking on the journey to Karisma V4 is more than just an upgrade; it's a leap into a world of enhanced efficiency, improved patient care, and streamlined workflows. Let's dive into the myriad benefits that come with embracing Karisma V4, a platform designed to revolutionize your internal processes and elevate the patient journey to new heights.

Approvals Module: Digitizing Patient Services
Bid farewell to paper-based workflows! The Approval Module in Karisma V4 provides a digital haven for protocoling patient services before scheduling
appointments. This not only reduces reliance on paper but also ensures a consistent approach through customisable intuitive questionnaires that can both
minimise interruptions and optimise the patient experience.
Waitlist Module: Organization at Its Finest

Efficiently organize and manage requests with the Waitlist Module. This feature empowers staff to filter and act upon requests based on predefined
criteria, enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring that no patient is left waiting unnecessarily.

Imaging Tablet Screen: Flexibility Redefined
Take Karisma on the go with the Imaging Tablet Screen. This feature, compatible with Windows tablets, offers flexibility within the imaging department. Complete CCC Checks in front of the patient and have all their important data at hand, ensuring a smooth and patient-centric imaging experience.
Personalised communication with Ad Hoc SMS
In Karisma V4, communication becomes more personal. The ability to send ad hoc SMS messages to patients without a specific request opens avenues for
personalized engagement, strengthening the patient-provider relationship.

Reporting Screen/Reporting Pools: Enhanced Workflow Visibility
Experience a new and improved reporting workflow screen with Karisma V4. Easily identify urgent cases and due reports at a glance. Reporting pools streamline
collaboration among radiologists, typists, and other users, ensuring efficient reporting processes.

Key Workflow Modules: Streamlining for Simplicity

Karisma V4 introduces workflow screens designed for simplicity. Customize auto-launch settings to streamline your processes and ensure users can dive straight into their work. The flexibility of these screens adapts to user roles, enhancing overall efficiency.
Request and Report Search Screens: Precision at Your Fingertips
The Request Search and Report Search modules empower users with precise search capabilities. Whether it's finding requests based on demographics or
constructing complex filters within reports, Karisma V4 ensures information is at your fingertips, promoting accuracy and speed.

Practice Management Module: Workflow Optimization
Optimize site workflows, address distribution or SMS issues, and investigate patient, request, or report-specific records with the Practice Management screen. Tailor it to represent all work sites or filter to specific ones, offering unparalleled workflow management.
Automated Medicare Claim Processing: Effortless Financial Management
Say goodbye to manual Medicare claim processing! Karisma V4 introduces an automated feature, handling fully paid claims without manual intervention. This
allows finance staff to focus on exceptional cases, freeing up valuable time for more impactful tasks.

Transport Module: Seamless Asset Management
Effortlessly organize the transportation of assets, whether patients or other resources, with the Transport Module. Track assets throughout their imaging journey, combining reception and imaging work into a single, comprehensive view for enhanced departmental oversight.
Business Reporting/Data Explorer: Unleashing Insights
In Karisma V4's Business Reporting and Data Explorer, unlock a treasure trove of insights into your business. Manipulate data to tailor reports to your specific needs, providing a dynamic and customizable approach to business intelligence.
Upgrading to Karisma V4 isn't just about embracing new features; it's about transforming your healthcare environment into a space where efficiency, patient care, and innovation converge. We invite you to explore the possibilities, request a demo, and let Karisma V4 redefine the way you navigate your patients healthcare journey. 

Together, let's elevate healthcare to new horizons.


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