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The Australian Government will be making it a requirement for all public and private pathology and diagnostic imaging providers to share their reports by default to My Health Record (MyHR) in 2024. It is expected that pathology and diagnostic imaging providers will be sharing reports by default by June 30, with legal obligations expected to be in place from December 2024.

Where have these changes come from?

The Australian Government is providing 2 years of funding to modernise MyHR in response to recommendations of the Strengthening Medicare Taskforce. Part of this reform included requiring healthcare providers to share diagnostic imaging and pathology results to MyHR.

What is My Health Record?

MyHR is Australia’s electronic record of heath data. Key health information such as immunisations, diagnostic reports and hospital summaries are kept securely in MyHR.   

How does this benefit Patients?

Having easy access to health information helps put patients firmly at the center of their healthcare journey. It also improves and streamlines the ability of healthcare providers to co-ordinate care, improves safety and reduces duplicate tests.

How do I connect my Kestral software with My HR? 

Our dedicated staff are working away in the background alongside the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) to have all Kestral software send reports by default to MyHR. We’ll be in touch with our customers in the coming months as more legislative details are released. In the meantime you can begin the process by registering with MyHR. If you have any queries abut how Kestral can assist in this transition, get in contact with your support team.

Where can I find out more?

The ADHA has a wealth of resources to support you in both understanding and registering with MyHR.  See the links below for further details.

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